Attention all artists, graphic designers and wall enthusiasts of all ages!

At the Warehouse, we’re all about community and working together for a common goal. In that spirit, we have some rather grand plans for a destitute looking wall adjacent to the Warehouse.

We’re launching a brand new competition! We want your graphic ideas and designs to paint on the wall so that it looks beauteous and wondrous! Not only will it brighten up the general public’s day, but each design will represent a sense of community that can’t help but make you feel all warm and fuzzy. It can be abstract, landscape or even graffiti inclined – it just has to convey community spirit and vibrancy. Explanations with your submission are completely welcome! And if you’re a budding artist, it’s a great and unique way to expand your portfolio. Nothing says awesome artist like a great piece of wall art!

So sad and alone....
So sad and alone….

The entries will be judged by the lovely Mr Mohammed Basharat (owner of said wall) and Phil Burrows (manager of the Warehouse).

Send your submissions in to marketing@thewarehouse.coop with subject heading ‘Wall Art’, by the 17th September to be in with a chance to make your mark on Birmingham!