Good News Comes in Threes

We have always run our building ‘The Warehouse’ according to our principles of positive environmental change. One of the ways we do this is by having tenants that share our mission and I am delighted to announce that we have found three new organisations that fit snugly into this criteria.
The previous owners of The Warehouse Café decided to move onto pastures new at the start of the year, leaving us to find someone new. After a long and intensive process we have selected an organisation that is ready to take over. The cafe will now be run as a social enterprise to promote sustainable food, and has been setup by the head chef of the former cafe Robert Grzesik and passionate foodie and environmentalist Mohini Howard.
Since the previous tenants shut on the 15th Feb, we have been working hard to refurbish the premises, making them better than ever. Absence has made the stomach grow hungrier though and we are looking forward to it re-opening on the 1st May.
We have been big fans of The Energy Saving Co-operative for a while now and were delighted when they approached us to enquire about premises. They are on the front line of efforts to tackle climate change, helping people to insulate their homes and generate their own energy.
Last, but not least, we have Let’s Grow Together, who are an environmental education group, dedicated to working with schools to help kids get outdoors, value wildlife, and reduce waste at home and at school.
The most exciting thing about all these new groups coming together is the synergy. We all work better when we share our knowledge and expertise.